TOTAIG MASONRY | Stone Mason & Restoration

Professional and friendly stone mason with over 27 years’ experience of both residential and commercial work. Offering a wide range of services throughout the Central Scotland region including stone restoration, stone carving, brick and blockwork, extension and patio building. Honest, quick, clean and reasonable.

Totaig Masonry

Stone Mason & Stone Restoration

If you are in search of an experienced, professional and friendly stonemason then you can rely on Totaig Masonry. We offer a variety of services from the restoration and conservation of stonework on historic buildings to installing new masonry. We are available to discuss your project and offer help and advice from sourcing stone to final installation.

Stone Mason

noun: stonemason; plural noun: stonemasons; noun: stone-mason; plural noun: stone-masons

  • a person who cuts, prepares, and builds with stone - Oxford Dictionary
  • Stonemasonry one of the earliest trades in civilisation's history.
  • The Ancients relied heavily on the stonemason to build impressive and long lasting monuments to their civilisations.
  • A medieval stonemason would often carve a personal symbol onto their block to differentiate their work from other stonemasons.